Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute

Who is this man?

Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh


Several years ago, people who attended school in the Nchumuru area of Ghana, were very few. This man Migyikra was among the privileged batch who benefited from formal education. After Middle School he went to Tamale Technical School, where he graduated with London City and Guilds Certificate. In those days, it was one of the highly rated certificates.

In spite of the fact that he did not achieve higher educational laurels, the little he achieved impacted positively in the lives of many.

For example, in those days because there was no television, the traditional storytelling was the order of the day. However, the old man Migyikra read so many books such as “Things fall apart” “ Robinson Crusoe”“The head of Medusa”, “The treasure Island”,  Oliver Twist to mention a few. Anytime he read a story, he would sit the young children down and summarize these stories to them.

Along the line, many boys and girls became enthused about most of the stories he told. So, when one out of curiosity finds out from him where he got all these stories, He answered, “if you learn how to read, you may get more stories than what I have”. Statements such as those, encouraged the young ones to explore to read.

Through this singular effort, many of the young ones who came after Migyikra took serious interest in reading and today most of them occupy various positions in Ghana. Apart from that, he was also a lover of music. Though not a very good dancer or singer, he encouraged the young ones to make an effort to sing, dance and play musical instruments. For these may send them far even beyond the shores of Ghana.

Sometimes he makes statements that learning can take place when play and music is used.

It is for the above and many other reasons that we want to immortalize and keep in memory of coming generations and generations yet unborn the contributions of Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh regarding the cultural heritage of Nchumurus, Ghana  and Africa as a whole.

Mooters of this great idea have the conviction that this will in not too distant future transmogrify to a full-fledged university that will put a premium on reading, culture and music to transform Africans.