Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute


Mrs. Gifty Mensah Migyikra (G.MM)

Co-founder and the Principal

Gifty Mensah Migyikra is a co-founder and the Principal at Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute (3MCI). The institute was established in honor of her beloved father in law, the late Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh (a.k.a A1 Migyikra, Oska Mathias), a village philanthropist, storyteller, peoples’ man and music lover.

Mrs. Migyikra is an experienced nurse in Virginia, USA and trained Social worker with competence in community development, interpersonal skills, relationship building, critical thinking, empathy, bookkeeping and administration.

In addition to her nursing apprenticeship training in USA, she completed Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration from Victoria University, Kampala Uganda.

Gifty is a philanthropist and always prepared in supporting vulnerable population(s), individuals and groups. She is the founder of Institute of Africa Fashion & Creative Art- Migyikra Fashion and Design Ltd, which she created during her three years stay in Uganda.

Gifty Mensah Migyikra is very industrious and resourceful. She is an honorary member and a fellow at West Africa Center for Peace Studies and Chief Executive Officer of Migyikra General Construction, Engineering and Survey Works, located in New Dowhenya, Community 25, Tema Ghana.

David Kwaku Chamba (D.K.C)

All-rounder person and the Assistant Principal

David Kwaku Chamba is the Assistant Principal at the Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute (3MCI). This is an institution established in honor of the late Migyikra Yaw Denteh. Mr. Chamba is currently doubling his duty with MMCBMI and as the head of department in the electrical workshop in the Ghana Navy Fleet Maintenance Workshop in Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Naval Command inTwo-Garrison.

Mr. Chamba is an all-rounder personality. He plays drums, a very good vocalist, and cultural dancer. Currently he is learning other instruments (guitar, organ, trumpet etc), conducting and directing students in songwriting, singing, drumming and dancing. He is a master of gospel and Highlife music made in Ghana. By default, he is a sound engineer and electronic specialist.

In 2004, Mr. Chamba had his basic and advanced Aero Avionics training in the Ghana Airforce Avionics Training School in Accra, where he understudied electrical in aviation maintenance and tower control. David had further electrical and electronics engineering training on weapons systems and navigation in Qingdao in the Guangdong​ province in China in 2011 where he became the most outstanding foreign student at his time.

With these experiences, Mr. Chamba was sponsored by Ghana Armed Forces to study a two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nigerian Naval Engineering College (NNEC) in electrical and electronics engineering and safety in Nigeria.

David has rich experience having undertaken several training with US Navy counterparts during the Gulf of Guinea Cruise 2006 onboard USS Emory S Land (As 39) and was awarded a certificate of competency in international security. Additionally,​ he has hands-on experience​ in UN peacekeeping operations notably, MONUSCO DRC, UNOCI in Ivory Coast among others. Mr. Chamba has travelled to China, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and DRC Congo. He became a volunteer and subsequently a fellow in West Africa Center for Peace Studies (WACPS) after realizing the good international opportunity that the organization brings to bear on the vulnerable population.

Chamba David, is currently advancing his studies by pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). 

Mr. Jerry Mensah (J.M)

Registrar and Administrator

Jerry Mensah holds the position of the Registrar and Administrator of Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute (3MCI).In addition, He is the Operational Manager of Migyikra General Construction, Engineering and Survey Work. 

He was employed as the Purchasing Officer at Primewood Ghana Ltd., a timber firm based in Takoradi, Western Region in Ghana. In 2009, Mr. Mensah joined the Judicial Service Training School. Upon completion, he was employed into Ghana Judicial Service as a court process server stationed in Sekondi High Court and subsequently transferred to the High Court Complex in Accra, Ghana.

He is an experienced administrator, organized, skilled in interpersonal relations and a patient person in dealing with students, parents and the general public. He is committed to high-quality education and responsibilities for managing budgets, logistics, events and meetings. He handles scheduling, record-keeping and reporting, develops and runs educational programs, and ensures that the institute complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Furthermore, he hires, trains and advises staff, counsels students when needed, resolves conflicts and other issues, communicates with parents, regulatory bodies and the public. Mr. Mensah implements actions that improve the institute and the quality of education as well as assist in shaping and upholding the vision of the College.​

Among his achievements, he is a local committee chairman, Ajumako Mando Youth Organizer and Town planning committee member.

His hobbies include reading, dancing and singing and he is open to learning drumming and dancing to traditional and cultural stuff. He​ is looking forward to receiving international students and giving them the best treat, while learning Africa folklores and tales which could be transformed into music and drumming. He is a music lover of various styles, drumming and dancing.