Migyikra Memorial Music And Cultural Institute

Migyikra Memorial
Music and Cultural Institute (3MCI)

The institute has been named after Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh who hails from Chinderi in the Krachi-Nchumuru District of Oti Region in Ghana. Though deceased, he has contributed immensely towards educating the younger ones in his family and even extended his benevolence to many people outside his family.

Let Me Tell You A Story About This Man!

Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh

Several years ago, people who attended school in the Nchumuru area of Ghana, were very few. This man Migyikra was among the privileged batch who benefited from formal education. After Middle School he went to Tamale Technical School, where he graduated with London City and Guilds Certificate. In those days, it was one of the highly rated certificates.


What We Do

Script writing (traditional and contemporary pieces)

West Africa is a place of great diversity – in language, in writing, in the hugely varied means of recording information and passing it on.

Music (learning vocals and instruments)

In Africa music making is very often collective, involving organized collaboration in which performers contribute not identical, but complementary, constituents.

African dance (Peacock Dance) and drumming

The dance movements are usually performed in a fixed order. It starts with a peacock flying out from its nest, looking around cautiously.


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Script Writing